Do you struggle with finding the right stories to tell about your nonprofit’s impact?

Do you use digital tools like email and social media to raise awareness for your nonprofit, but can’t seem to get enough engagement or traction?

Do you struggle with getting buy-in from your boss and your board to invest in these efforts in the first place?

Whether you are a storytelling novice or a seasoned professional just looking for some new ideas, I have some ideas for you.

While the exact methods and step-by-step system that I teach are inside my new nonprofit storytelling course, I…

Almost a year ago, I gave the keynote at the Classy Collaborative. My talk was supposed to be on tactical ways to pivot your fundraising strategy in the light of COVID-19.

But, I had much more to say that I felt needed to be said. The full transcript of my talk is here.

A quick excerpt:

“What I do know is that in order to move forward, we can’t pretend we haven’t witnessed all of these horrors.

Trust me, there are many institutions that would love to just sweep it all under the rug and ‘move on’.

Can we honestly…

How to Convert Social Media Fans and Followers Into Donors and Long-Term Supporters

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How to convert social media fans and followers into donors and long-term supporters?

That’s the big question, isn’t it?

If we are spending all this time on social media, what are WE getting out of it?

Or, even if we only throw up a post once per week with very little thought or effort — what’s that tiny effort worth?

While it certainly is possible to have a strategy to turn our social media communities into supporters, two caveats remain:

  1. The Internet is not an ATM…

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It’s 2021, and the debate raging over whether or not nonprofits should use social media still persists.

The proof is in the pudding. According to the 2020 Global Trends in Giving Report, 25% of donors say that social media is the communications tool that most inspires them to give.

While we will never get to 100% of our community and our donors using social media, why ignore this 25%?

This report also found that…

Social Media for Social Good Academy is opening soon! Don’t miss out or lose your spot — get on the Early Interest List by clicking here.

As we bid a not-so-fond farewell to the past year, I hope that you were able to spend some time in the past few days to rest and rejuvenate.

Our work — nonprofit digital marketing, digital fundraising, and storytelling were integral pieces of the puzzle last year — and will remain vital going into 2021.

However, we cannot continue to “do digital marketing” like we did it in years past.

We have to conduct…

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Donor acquisition is a key component of any fundraising effort. However, not all acquisition strategies will work with all donors.

That said, carefully craft your fundraising appeals with a particular audience in mind.

One of the most significant factors to consider here is the age of your donors and prospects.

Even with the move toward heavily virtual fundraising efforts, the way you interact with and…

When Facebook announced what it was doing this year for GivingTuesday December 1, nonprofits everywhere went into a frenzy.

Just as it did last year, the company will match $7 million in qualifying donations made on its website or app starting on Tuesday, December 1, at 8 am Eastern Time.

Due to complaints about the match being gone within seconds last year, the company changed this up this year (not by much).

Here’s what’s happening today:

  • Matches are made on a first-come, first-served basis and will continue until the $7 million fund has been met.
  • Then there will be two…

GivingTuesday is arguably the biggest international social media fundraising event for nonprofits and charities.

Occurring after the Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday shopping blitzes each year, GivingTuesday was created as a day to give back.

GivingTuesday 2019 stats

GivingTuesday gifts: +4 million

Total amount donated: $511 million

Whole Whale prediction: $502 million

Compared to 2018: +$131 million ~ 28%

In addition, Facebook says that since it first launched it’s suite of charitable giving tools, people have now raised over $2 billion on the site, cumulatively, in support of a wide range of people and causes across its network.


This is often the hardest part of social media management and planning for nonprofits — identifying a target audience.

I know, I know (trust me) — your nonprofit has 10+ different audiences that you need to communicate with on a regular basis.

This is normal.

But, in order to get real traction on social media, identifying a focal point — a target audience — is critical for you to define where you spend your time on social media, how often you will post, and what you will post about.

If you don’t know who you are talking to, how will…

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